Why I Love Working With VIPKID

I love working from home with VIPKID, and here’s why!


Freelancing Frenzied: 3 Ways to Handle Scheduling Conflicts

If you’re like me, there are times when your work schedule becomes overwhelming with your social schedule. Maybe you have an unexpected emergency that takes you away, or perhaps it’s unexpected visitors in town at the peak of your busy day. Whatever the issue is, you still have to make time for work. What should

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Burnt Out Working? Try These 9 Unusual Freelancing Jobs

Add a little spice to your freelancing life by alternating the kinds of jobs you do. Freelancers often talk about having many eggs in their baskets, but I also believe it’s important to carry veggies, fruits and meats in my basket. What I mean by that is that you need to be able to work

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5 Tips for Managing Burnout While Freelancing

It can be tempting to stop working completely when you’re burnt out, especially when you’re not on a normal 9-to-5 schedule. It’s easy to turn down new work or to rely on savings, giving yourself breaks when you realistically should be working. It’s also easy to put off work and to procrastinate until the last

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Don’t Keep Those Eggs in One Basket

Hi, everyone! Today is the last of my days “off” and it’s time to prepare for the next week of work. What’s on my freelancer agenda? An interview for a higher teaching position at VIPKID Planning posts for this blog Working on my books (I have two, one about freelancing (coming soon) and one that

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What Does a Freelancer’s Day Look Like?

For many people, freelancing and its meaning differs. For some, working from home on a defined schedule is freelancing. For others, having one-off projects come along is freelance work. Since there is such a variance in how people approach freelancing, it’s not possible to know exactly what every freelancer’s day is like. I can tell

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TESOL: An online opportunity with VIPKID

When I returned from my home in England and came back to the states, I quickly discovered that I was barely earning enough to support myself, to pay taxes, and to enjoy my normal daily life. In England, I was married, so there were two of us to support the things we wanted to do.

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Freelancing for Life

Welcome to Freelancing for Life. This blog is all about my life as a freelancer, how I got here, and what I’m experiencing as the world of freelancing changes and I learn more about what earns money passively and with hard work. Freelancing doesn’t come easy to everyone, which is why this blog is going

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