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Setting Goals: The Freelance Challenge

Setting goals can help you move forward with your freelancing career, just like it did for me.


How do you handle sickness when freelancing?

This is a very now-inspired post for me. I’ve recently had surgery, which in itself isn’t a massive deal, but the problem with being a freelancer is the impact it has on my work. A good plan for anyone who freelances is to have a so-called “emergency” fund of some kind for when accidents/surgeries/emergencies come

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3 Tips for Finding Your Freelancing Niche

There are many different kinds of jobs out there, from writing to creating graphic designs. Finding your niche might seem complicated, especially if you are good at more than one thing. How can you find your freelancing niche? You can read a book like this: Mega Profitable Niches for Your Online Business: 10 Powerful Niche

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How Do You Explain Freelancing to Your Family?

Freelancing is one of those things that can quickly make it sound like you’re being lazy. Sometimes, people who say they’re freelancers aren’t actively looking for work or “freelance” as a kind of hobby. This does a disservice to those of us who do work from home as a career. If you’re someone looking to

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Creating a Budget Friendly Outfit for a Freelance Interview or Meeting

It’s fair to say that many freelancers don’t have to wear business clothing. In my case, I have a single orange shirt that I must wear for my classes, but other than that, what I wear is up to me. So, what should I do if I have an interview? Should I spend a large

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Lost a freelancing client? Here’s how to rebound quickly

Every freelancer has had one: the bad day that just keeps giving. Mine came last year and was particularly nasty. I had just moved to Kentucky, bought a car and had to live on my own for the first time in five or six years. I had no backup, so if something went wrong, I

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4 Freelancing Myths That Need to Be Debunked

There are plenty of myths about freelancing. Anyone who has ever held a freelance position can name them off by the droves. You might be someone who believes one of these myths without even realizing it. The sad truth about freelancing myths is that they harm the freelancing community and can cause tension in families

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How Much Should I Charge for My Art?

Freelance art is a difficult field in many ways. It’s hard to value artwork, because unless you’re already very popular, there isn’t necessarily a demand for what you do. So, how can you put a value on your work? How can you make sure you make a profit? The first thing to remember is that

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3 Exciting Freelance Writing Opportunities

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or want to work from home for other reasons, freelancing is a great opportunity. Today, let’s talk about a few different websites you can use to get started as a writer online. These are just a few of the sites I’m familiar with. Many require that you pass tests and

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