Burnt Out Working? Try These 9 Unusual Freelancing Jobs

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Add a little spice to your freelancing life by alternating the kinds of jobs you do. Freelancers often talk about having many eggs in their baskets, but I also believe it’s important to carry veggies, fruits and meats in my basket. What I mean by that is that you need to be able to work in multiple fields and in various ways to make freelancing work some of the time.

Here are 9 different jobs you can do as a freelancer that could add variety to your day and prevent burnout on a single project.

1. Video Blogging

Video blogging is a good choice for people looking into a long-term investment. If you get lucky and put in enough work, video blogging can result in a residual income over time. Plus, it gives you a chance to interact with other people on social platforms.

2. Traditional Blogging

Traditional blogging, like this post, is a good way to create a residual flow of income as well. You can link to ads, work with people who want to buy space on your website for their ads, and collect revenue from other sources.


If you have a Bachelor’s Degree and extra time during the day, break up the monotony by teaching young children to speak English. It’s an easy way to make up to $22 an hour and you get to interact with someone during your half-hour sessions.

4. Face painting

Face painting can be a great way to make extra money. You should invest in insurance and good-quality paints, like Snazaroo, Diamond FX, or Mehron. It can be expensive to begin, but with summer festivals and birthday parties, there’s much money to be made. Here are a couple of my favorite palettes.

5. Graphic Design

By heading over to websites like oDesk, you can apply for graphic design jobs. Create labels, brochures, website layouts and other visual aids for businesses and individuals for cash.

6. IT/App testing

One of the sites I used to use for a little extra cash is uTest. You tell the program which pieces of tech you own, and then you test different apps or programs for glitches and errors. You get paid per report in most cases.

7. Surveys

Surveys aren’t my favorite way to make extra cash, but to break up the monotony of a single job, they’re great. You can do surveys to get cash or gift cards. Try Pinecone Research, MyPoints or other survey companies.

8. Car washes/cleaning

Although some might believe it’s below their station to do manual labor, freelancing can be tedious if it’s all from a seated position. Try adding some variety by working at a car wash or cleaning homes. You’ll get some exercise and a little extra cash on the side.

9. Styling

When it comes to fashion styling, there is no requirement for a formal education. If you have an eye for it, you can work to help people put together their closets and find a look that works for them.

These are just 9 of many potential freelancing jobs out there today. Try one and see if it’ll help break through any burnout you’re suffering from!


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