3 Tips for Finding Your Freelancing Niche

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There are many different kinds of jobs out there, from writing to creating graphic designs. Finding your niche might seem complicated, especially if you are good at more than one thing. How can you find your freelancing niche? You can read a book like this:

Mega Profitable Niches for Your Online Business: 10 Powerful Niche Market Opportunities that You Might be Missing

Or you can…

  • Create a chart about yourself and what you’re good at/like to do.

I’ve pasted a rough draft of what it should look like below. This is a quick exercise. If you have to think about whether or not you’re good at it, you probably aren’t. Likewise, if you have to question whether or not you like to do something, you probably don’t.


  • Now, find the similarities

After you fill out the chart, take a highlighter and highlight the items that overlap. Find the things you’re good at that correlate to those things you enjoy doing. Don’t highlight something just because you think you want to do it. Finding a niche is about finding something you are innately good at, whether that’s something you enjoy or not. The overall goal is, of course, to find the niche that spans both the things you’re good at and the things you enjoy, but you have to start with what you’re good at or will end up steamrolled in the freelancing community.

  • Brainstorm ways to make your niche apply to work

Now , you have to find a way to make the things you’re good at and enjoy doing work for you. For example, when I fill out the chart, I get:

I’m good at (and enjoy) creativity, languages, interacting with different cultures, writing, and illustration. This matches up very well with that I do. I write for a living, but I am also a teacher for children from other cultures.  If I wasn’t working with children (or wasn’t good at it), I would be able to apply language interests to being a translator or tutor. I could apply language and art skills to create bilingual books, because I enjoy writing.

This is really the easiest way to find a niche. Look first at what you’re good at, then match it up with what you enjoy. Brainstorm on the pieces that you match up to find the niche that would be ideal for you.

Mix and match the items on your chart to get started understanding what path you can take moving forward. For example, if you have “writing, math, birds” you could create an app, write about migration and the number of birds going extinct (National Geographic, WWF, etc.) or take a completely different angle I haven’t thought about. The point of this exercise is just to get you thinking about the possibilities.

Good luck! Tell me what you come up with!


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