4 Freelancing Myths That Need to Be Debunked

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There are plenty of myths about freelancing. Anyone who has ever held a freelance position can name them off by the droves. You might be someone who believes one of these myths without even realizing it.

The sad truth about freelancing myths is that they harm the freelancing community and can cause tension in families or between friends.

What are some of these myths?

You’re a freelancer, so you have plenty of time

The first myth, and one that personally grinds my gears, is the idea that freelancers have plenty of time. Regardless of the time of day I complete work, I still have to get it done. The same is true of all freelancers. A job is a job, whether you’re in an office or at home.

What is different about freelancing is that my schedule can be varied. Maybe I have an appointment I need to go to at noon, so I can push a client’s article back to four. Or, maybe I am sick and need a day off, so I can move my work to the next day. Yes, there is a little freedom, but that doesn’t mean any freelancer has “plenty of time” on their hands.

Freelancing isn’t a real job

On that note, many people believe that if their friends or family members work from home, they’re not working a real job. That could not be any more insulting to a freelancer. Freelancers spend hours, days, weeks, months or years building up client bases and putting together portfolios. Freelancers don’t just show up to a job; they show up and continue to push for more work in a generally unstable and changing industry.

Freelancers who use referrals are scamming you

This is a personal pet peeve, because many of my legitimate workplaces offer referral bonuses (one time) for referring new workers or clients. Additionally, some services, like VIPKID, may even offer a sign-on bonus for new workers if you sign up through a current employee. Do you know that many businesses do this? My boyfriend works at a normal 9-to-5, and he would get a referral bonus if someone he referred got hired.

Put it in perspective. Do your research on the company. In general, if a person gets a one-off referral bonus, this isn’t some kind of scam. It’s an incentive to continue growing a company with strong, intelligent individuals.

Freelancers are broke

I’m a living testament to the fact that freelancers don’t have to be broke. I’m by no means bringing in millions, but I do make enough to support myself and to live a comfortable lifestyle. I believe you’ll find that many people who work freelance positions do. As an added bonus of not working a traditional job, many freelancers don’t need to purchase specific work clothing, spend money on gas to get to or from a job and can even write off some of their home expenses (like office space or new computers used for work) on their taxes.

These are four myths that people believe about freelancers. What are some of the myths you’ve heard?


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