3 Exciting Freelance Writing Opportunities


Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or want to work from home for other reasons, freelancing is a great opportunity. Today, let’s talk about a few different websites you can use to get started as a writer online.

These are just a few of the sites I’m familiar with. Many require that you pass tests and gain certifications through their systems before you can begin working.

  1. Writer Access
  2. eZdia
  3. Upwork

These three sites are a good place to start. Both Writer Access and Upwork are platforms where you begin building your own client portfolio. On Upwork and Writer Access, you may need to bid or make a pitch to the clients. The difference is that Writer Access is purely for writers, while Upwork is home to a variety of freelancers and job opportunities.

The site eZdia is different because you have to get hired to a specific project. Once you are added, you have access only to that project. You write or edit per your qualifications.

All three of these sites pay what I would call a “living wage” as long as you put in the time and effort. At first, that might mean working long hours, but over time, as you type faster and learn to reduce the time you spend on ideation or research, you’ll find that you can earn pretty much as much as you’re willing to put the time in for.

Base rates for writers at most “mills” (companies that feed work to writers) is .03 per word, though that may increase for quality or decrease for newer individuals. I personally no longer write for mills and only work for .04 -.05 if it’s a long-term engagement and worth the time I’m putting in. I’ve been freelancing for seven years at this point. In the past, I’ve worked for as little as a half a cent per word to as much as 17 cents a word. I’ve had one-off projects bringing in hundreds for a few hours’ work, and projects that I would have been better off leaving for someone else.

If you’re interested in being a writer online, these are a few good sites to try. There are, of course, many others that we can talk about. If there’s one you want me to try out for you, let me know! Freelance writing isn’t for everyone, but if it’s something you think you might like, give it a try!


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