Don’t Keep Those Eggs in One Basket

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Hi, everyone! Today is the last of my days “off” and it’s time to prepare for the next week of work. What’s on my freelancer agenda?

  • An interview for a higher teaching position at VIPKID
  • Planning posts for this blog
  • Working on my books (I have two, one about freelancing (coming soon) and one that is a children’s book (also coming soon)).
  • Reviewing the amount of work I have to complete this week
  • Looking into monetization, spreading the word and overall focusing on expanding my freelancing options.

One of the things we talk about as freelancers (and by we, I mean the people I know who do similar things to myself), is that we can’t keep all our “eggs” in one basket. As a freelancer, it’s incredibly hard to do just one thing. If I only work at VIPKID and suddenly lose the job or the company closes (highly unlikely, it’s making huge waves!), then I could be left without a significant portion of my income. The same is true with the other work I do. It all generally comes from the same overhead company, so if the word stops coming, I could again lose a portion of my income.

This is why we focus on having more than one option open at any one time. It’s not in your best interests to work with only one client, unless you have a contract specifying how much you’ll be paid and for how long. While I primarily work with two different overhead companies on the whole, I have at least 5 different options open to me to make money at any one time. That way, if one goes under, I can place my efforts elsewhere.

What kinds of things do I do as a freelancer?

  • I’m a certified makeup artist and can freelance outside of salons (KY does not allow in-salon work without a license).
  • I am a henna artist
  • I am a professional face painter
  • I am a professional children’s performer
  • I am a professional writer (ghostwriting)
  • I am a professional illustrator and fine artist with a published adult coloring book
  • I am a professional editor for private work (Yes, you can hire me, too).
  • I am a teacher for VIPKID
  • I am a professional saxophonist (I can teach or perform)
  • I am a professional photographer

I’m sure there is plenty more that I’ve done or can do as well. The point of the above is not to show off, but instead to show that if you pigeonhole yourself, you’ll put your lifestyle at more of a risk than if you have many talents or abilities offered at any one time.

Ask yourself a few questions to start collecting your talents and branching into other avenues of income.

  1. What kinds of things are you good at?
  2. How can you use those talents to help others?
  3. What is the market like where you are?

Just knowing what you are good at an how you can use those talents to reach out to others in a certain demographic is the perfect way to get started.

Good luck- Let me know what you’re good at in the comments below!


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