TESOL: An online opportunity with VIPKID


19366063_1530142440369690_3031902204913577854_nWhen I returned from my home in England and came back to the states, I quickly discovered that I was barely earning enough to support myself, to pay taxes, and to enjoy my normal daily life. In England, I was married, so there were two of us to support the things we wanted to do. On top of that, I had a business performing for children (More to come in another article) that brought in extra on top of the meager $2,000 I was making working online.

Something had to give. I saw a pop-up for a company called VIPKID, a China-based organization that was looking for teachers to teach English to children between 5 and 12. I don’t have a teaching certification, but I do have a Bachelor’s degree, so I applied despite it asking for a year of teaching experience. Instead of teaching experience in the classroom, I explained my history as a TESOL student myself (Only not with English, more like TSSOL (Spanish) and TJSOL (Japanese)). I told them about how I worked with children in England as a performer and how focused I was on engaging children in learning. On top of that, I was already a professional writer and editor.

The process for signing up with VIPKID used to be that you’d send an email with your information. If it was approved, you’d do a short interview with someone in China. Then, you’d get the OK or No-K, as it were, to begin your training. If you fail training, you don’t get to teach and have to wait at least three months to reapply. If you don’t fail, then you become a teacher for the company.

I was successful, and that started my career with VIPKID.

The company runs classes in 25-minute increments through a program similar to Skype that also includes a powerpoint. You get that 5 minutes in between to write a short bit of feedback if you schedule classes back-to-back. You don’t prepare a curriculum. Everything is done for you.

Pay starts at around $7 to $9 per class (not per hour), and there are always bonuses. My average wage is $23 an hour with bonuses each month, but the flat amount I’d make is $16 per hour without them. As long as I do what I’m supposed to, that goes up to $20 an hour with the standard bonus structure.

As a highly popular teacher, I plan to ask for a raise on my third contract. I started my second contract at the end of May. I’ve been asked to be a mock mentor, (although I haven’t decided to take the job despite higher wages). I have an interview on the 12th. In fact, I’ve entered several of their contests, and I’m the official designer of the Dino for Kentucky! That’s perfect for my art portfolio.

Jobs like this are few and far between online. Payment is every month on time. You get to interact on your schedule (although you need to teach when people are awake in China, so there is the time difference to consider). You meet families and children who want to expand their minds. It’s a job that is hard to explain without doing it, but it’s worth every second you put into it.

If you’re interested in applying, I have a link for you to follow below. The requirements are:

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. 1-year of work with children in or out of a classroom
  3. A wired/Wi-Fi internet connection that is stable (wired preferred).

If this sounds like something you want to try, give it a shot!

Click here to visit the VIPKID website and start a beautiful career working with kids from the comfort of your home!

Good luck!



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